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It’s easy to address health problems that we can see and feel – however, one common health concern can easily escape our notice: bone health. Bone loss – or osteoporosis – is common as we age and can affect men as well as women. Bone loss is a silent condition. It has no symptoms and occurs slowly over the years. Many people have no idea that they have suffered bone loss until one day, they trip, fall, and fracture a bone.

Bone loss affects everyone and we can all benefit from learning about the causes and consequences of bone loss, as well as approaches to prevention and treatment. Cancer patients are particularly susceptible to bone loss because several types of cancer treatment are known to decrease bone density. However, there are steps that can be taken to address this problem, including medications that have been shown to help prevent bone loss. The following articles provide information about the prevention and treatment of bone loss.

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Prevention and Treatment of Bone Loss

Bone loss is a silent condition. It has no symptoms and occurs slowly over the years. Many women have no idea that they’ve suffered bone [...]

Bone-building recipes

Bone-building recipes

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